Political littering?

This is round the corner from my house. At my house, if I let the grass on the front lawn grow more than an eighth of an inch above regulation height, the self-appointed jackboots on the local home-owners association threaten to fine me. Yet this sort of political littering–“polittering”–is an accepted part of the democratic process. Really?

You want to know what’s wrong with American politics? Take a close look at this picture. These people are competing for local elections and raising money from campaign donors to do so. They are freely allowed to use that money to make my neighborhood unsightly. Not only are they not punished for wasting so much money on this polittering campaign, one of these barstewards will be rewarded with political office, at which time the people who donated to their campaigns will be expecting to be considered next time a policy needs to be decided or a vote cast that may impact them.

Right from the very start, partaking in local elections and grass roots politics involves fundamental lessons in graft, votes for dollars, and funded favoritism. It’s no wonder we can’t get away from political corruption and Government, LLC, run by businessmen for businessmen.

The money wasted on political campaigning in this country is exactly the reason why politics will always be corrupt, why people will never be represented, and why the drive up to my house looks like a Vegas phonebooth. At least with Vegas whores you get something for your money…or so I’ve been told.

I vote that Polittering should be a crime, that political campaigns contributing to the litter problem should be heavily fined and politicians partaking should be disqualified from office, and that the money subsequently raised should be spent on something worthwhile for a change. Maybe that way politicians can finally give something back to the communities they say they represent, and maybe they’ll finally be more concerned with what they do in office rather than how they get there in the first place.


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