The War at Home

30 people were shot and murdered today. There were 30 more shot and murdered yesterday. And 30 the day before. The death tally for gun murders this week is 210. By the end of the year, 11,000 Americans will be shot and murdered… by Americans. 200 unarmed Americans will be shot and murdered by the police in 2015. It was the same in 2014, and it will be the same in 2016.
Yes, let’s mourn the victims of the recent atrocities in Paris, and Syria, and Beirut, and Baghdad, and Istanbul, and Kenya. Let’s add flags to our Facebook profiles. Lets unite in prayer, or silent contemplation, and shake our heads at the inhumanity of extremism. It’s right that we should mourn such a terrible loss.
Then, when the next news cycle starts, let us remember that we can’t even have a debate on gun control in America. Let’s remember that 45,000 people a year die in America because of a lack of affordable healthcare. Let’s defund planned parenthood because someone’s God said so. Let’s stop welfare because we must learn to help ourselves. Let’s raise retirement ages so we can work ourselves into the grave. Let’s refuse workers a living wage but let them spend $1 in every 5 on health insurance. Let’s allow half a million insured Americans a year to go bankrupt due to illness. Let’s regress tax laws along the lines of biblical tithing and make the wealthy even wealthier. Let’s price everyone but the wealthy out of education.

And then, let’s build a wall around us to keep others out of this paradise we’ve made.

Finally, when we’re done with mourning the dead, and our thoughts turn to revenge; when we look for someone to blame, mete punishment out to, and extract justice from; when we go to war to kill those extremists that would kill us, let’s remember who is killing us.

We are.